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reproduction, stone, roof finials, and garden ornament

reproduction stone urn, roof finials and garden,ornament

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Classic English reproduction stone & garden ornament! Keystone Uk. Specializes in English antique, architectural, and sculptural reproduction stone, and garden ornament, our stock, has been carefully selected, to maintain English artists design and traditions. Most of our reproductions are sculpted by Keystone Uk. and have copyright, a few items are direct replica 's of original antiques and fine arts, which are rare and expensive when located. All our reproduction stone is hand crafted and finished by English craftsman to present an authentic antique finish, for the garden. To view our garden ornament reproductions please view our stock above by clicking the above links, Architectural stone, Urns  Bust, Antique stone, or Fountains, & Dragon Ridge tiles for glance at our range of garden ornaments.

History of Garden Ornament Industry

In Britain, the concept of sculpted garden ornament, was introduced with the invasion of the Romans, and again, with the influence of Italy and the renaissance period. Gardens adorned with ornate bronze, marble, lead and stone statues of Gods and Heroes, infused with symbolic meanings. This influence is still clearly evident in gardens today, and by the seventeenth century, the ornamentation of gardens in Britain with garden ornament and statuary, was creating a link, between the house and garden, and fantastic busts, urns, vases, and sculptures spread from the garden into the house. By the 1730's the demand for decorating the house and garden with, statues, urns, busts, vases, garden ornament, etc, was so great and widespread, estates were decorated with all manner of arts, sculptures and ornament. Thus! the garden ornament industry was established, and reproductions were made from classic sculptures to be more affordable for you and I.

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                 English antique, architectural, and sculptural reproduction stone, and garden ornament

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